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First, realize there is no fucking crossover voter

Texas Monthly has done a fantastic piece on Battleground that’s well worth the read. There was one part that stood well out to me. Battleground’s volunteers reported up the chain that the voters they contacted responded well to progressive themes … Continue reading

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Judith Miller Lies (well, half truths) Again

The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths – WSJ is the title of Miller’s piece about her work building and supporting the pr campaign to win popular support for the Iraq invasion of 2003. Miller, who is at her creative best … Continue reading

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Life’s easy at AFP

Gas Tax Hikes Are Not The Answer is the title of a ridiculous little piece from a halfwit at Americans For Prosperity (to differentiate from Americans for Hardship and Strife), the Koch puppet group that spends most of it’s time … Continue reading

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In which Sam Brownback learns a lesson…

The KC Star has a fantastic piece up about Sam Brownback, the Governor of Kansas, and the tax plan he hatched with his fellow Republicans after the 2010 election. The basis of it was enormous tax cuts on the wealthy … Continue reading

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Eric McCowan… we LOVE you!

It’s always good to read the thoughts of a fellow citizen regarding someone we just can’t fucking stand. In this, it’s all about Linda Curtis. Eric, I’d love to buy you a drink sometime! Share on Facebook

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Why is Eddie Lampert hellbent on destroying Sears?

For those of you who don’t know, Eddie Lampert is an investor who took over Sears Holdings in the mid 2000s. Since that point, the asset has continued to decline. He provides an excellent example of the reality that MOST … Continue reading

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Conservatives Dance On Grave Of ISIL Hostage

Conservatives Dance On Grave Of ISIL Hostage: 'Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel B**ch'. The headline doesn’t really say it all… Debbie Schlussel, the kraut-American (a descendant of Germans and Nazis*) who called Kayla Mueller (the American relief worker murdered by ISIS) “a Jew … Continue reading

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I fucking told you so (Todd Staples Edition)

I don’t get to say I told you so often, mostly because people get really irritated when you point out that you were right and they were, you know, wrong. But this time, I fucking love it. Remember this? Well, … Continue reading

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And then there’s Maude

Senator Davis recently revealed that her stance on open carry was less about her own feelings and more about… wait for it… politics. But she added, “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign, and it relates … Continue reading

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Don Zimmerman steps in metaphorical shit and finds it hard to remove from shoe…

The Austin Chronicle has a piece up about Don Zimmerman’s apparent SLAPP suit against the Austin Bulldog for accurately reporting Zimmerman’s lost custody battle. Apparently, Zimmerman decided election night to end his suit, he claims because of a feeling of … Continue reading

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