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How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot –

How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot – We should also explore a 15% duty on goods and services sold by a company that Treasury determines engaged in inversion. Time to take the gloves off, not … Continue reading

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Throwing out Corporate Personhood

Let me state that I get the NEED for limited personhood to be afforded to artificial constructs. However, it’s clear that we have forgotten one thing and it’s that corporations are NOT natural constructs, they are creations of their founders, … Continue reading

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Another way to make fun of Deepak Chopra

From The Mayor (who really does need to post more) comes this wonderful site. Share on Facebook

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Well f*ck you too, Ken

Ken Herman has a nice little rant about the anniversary of the Davis filibuster in the Statesman. It’s honestly not a bad piece and I find myself agreeing with him or, rather, I would agree with him if his recollection … Continue reading

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The end of Chris Christie?

At Heart of Christie Inquiry, a Law Feared on Wall Street – This could be the thing that finally takes down the bloviating asshole. Share on Facebook

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Cheney called out on FOX

THIS is good… it’s long overdue, but I have to admit it’s wonderful to see. Share on Facebook

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No, no… you don’t get to play the victim!

Yep, you had to see this coming… Savvy conservatives and evangelicals are acknowledging, often privately, that public opinion is not in their favor. And they fear what will happen in the future to those who fought against the rising tide … Continue reading

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Let me introduce you to Schmucky McSchmuckerson

Jeff Davis, President of the Austin chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, is a schmuck. While we admit he seems like an earnest and hard working guy, he’s still a schmuck and so are his fellow Log Cabin members. Yes, while … Continue reading

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And the hits just keep on coming

In a followup to our piece on property taxes, we found this proposal from Senator Watson which is just complete crap. Here’s a simple rule for everyone in Texas: If a politician tells you they have a solution to high … Continue reading

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You’re still here? Steve Forbes edition

Steve Forbes, as many of you know well, would probably be a failed vacuum salesman if not for his luck in the ovarian lottery. Coming out of the right vagina has given Forbes not only wealth but a platform to … Continue reading

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