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Which Way Wendy?

James Moore has a piece up about polling numbers which don’t bode particularly well for the Davis Campaign… Which Way Wendy? | Texas to the World. Here’s the problem… it’s April and we don’t know the mix of the sample. … Continue reading

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Castro pwns Patrick

Texpatriate | Castro vs. Patrick. Share on Facebook

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Being Wendy’s Bitch

It’s hard out there for Greg Abbott these days. He’s had to deal with the fallout from his friendship with a child molester and the botched rollout of his low-rent education plan, which came under attack because it cribbed extensively … Continue reading

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Hegar’s Horrible Idea

Glenn Hegar Wants A 20% Sales Tax | Texas Democratic Party. Yeah, it’s true. Glenn Hegar, in what can only be an effort to prove he’s really ignorant regarding how the economy works, is advocating a 20% sales tax. This … Continue reading

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Yeah, you’re getting screwed…

Attention taxpayers… your spending at Wal Mart and support for their efforts to keep unions from forming are costing YOU money! Wal-Mart's dependence on food stamps, revealed – Share on Facebook

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Suicide Watch : Agreeing with Ross Ramsey

I can’t believe I find myself agreeing with Ross Ramsey… Analysis: A Kink in the Democrats' Chain | The Texas Tribune. Now, I’m going to go drown myself in a bucket. I hate Kinky Friedman but Jim Hogan is clueless … Continue reading

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Good times with Greg Abbott and his women

Desperate to distract people from his pitiful campaign and reeling from the realization that his good buddy is a child rapist, Greg Abbott campaigned in Brownsville as part of his pinata politics tour of Texas (thank you, Lubbock CM Hernandez!). … Continue reading

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Oh, come on… this is easy…

Greg Abbott, after spending much of this past month campaigning with a child rapist, was in Lubbock for a campaign event designed to show off how much support he has in the Latino community. Some members of the Latino community … Continue reading

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Dear Brigid Shea

I’m going to be honest here for a second… I like you despite the fact that, honestly, you run shitty races and spend way too much money on them. I didn’t vote for you and I’m encouraging everyone I know … Continue reading

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Obama proposes $302 billion transportation bill

Obama proposes $302 billion transportation bill. Fantastic idea… if only we’d done it in 2009 WHEN I AND EVERYONE ELSE WITH A BRAIN WAS SAYING IT NEEDED TO BE FUCKING DONE. This needs to be ten years at this same … Continue reading

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