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Jack Stick back in the news!

Something fun for the Man Who Would Beat Strama…No bid contracts? And, seriously, did he really say Graph Analysis with a straight face? Share on Facebook

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John Cornyn never changes

From a politico piece about how Senator Cruz is still acting an asshole comes this quote about the real focus of Sen. John Cornyn… “Sen. McConnell and I are making the best decisions we can to demonstrate that we are … Continue reading

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Jens Weidmann is the fucking problem

While the Fed was flooding the world with dollars that EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN stupidly said would create hyperinflation (which it didn’t), the Europeans were actually implementing a plan that was almost exactly like the one the Republicans wanted for the … Continue reading

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Wendles and the Best Ad In The History Of Ever

THIS is fantastic… I’d love to see it paired with a positive track, but even without it’s still a very good ad that plays into the commonly held notion that Greg Abbott is very much about himself (and you can … Continue reading

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The End Is Near

Well, it is for the oil and gas industry in Texas… Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples has been selected to head up the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) – the state’s largest and oldest petroleum group, sources say. During … Continue reading

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The key to success in Government

As part of a public service that’s not at all court mandated (really, I’m doing this just to be nice), I’d like to offer those of you interested in policy and public service a tip that will be make you … Continue reading

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Seriously, Wendles?

For starters, Kirby DIDN’T owe a thing to the victim, the distributor did. The emotional appeal isn’t going to work… you’re not hitting the right notes and you failed to humanize the victim. The is the ‘silver bullet’ attack that’s … Continue reading

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A quick note to those who would be king…

Turns out, everybody really does want to rule the world. It seems appropriate to warn those in the new aristocracy of how aristocracies typically meet their end. One other quick note for all the geeks secure in their place in … Continue reading

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Wishing Wendles Well

The Observer has a pretty good piece up about the Davis campaign and some advice regarding how to fix things. I agree with much of it except for the idea that Wendy needs to recapture her hero status. I’d really … Continue reading

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The State of Rhode Island has denied access to information regarding hedge fund investments made by public pensions. This is absolutely inexcusable and a clear indication that the hedge funds that received money performed poorly and pension managers should start … Continue reading

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