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What New Normal?

Folks still waiting on the religious right to see the light? Mobile, Alabama Ashland Place United Methodist Church member Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III quoting biblical verse to justify inhumanity is the continuation of this country’s long history of toxic Christianity, … Continue reading

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Religious Left makes another attempt to become relevant

So now Religious Liberals are woke. Better late than never, I guess. Here’s the issue – they want to frame it as Trump’s policies, when it’s been conservative ideology for the past 40 years, and they have accomplished very little … Continue reading

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He Was No Angel

Gregg Allman even sang about it. Since his death, many have shared their remembrance of him. This is mine. The Allman Brothers were playing Tampa Stadium in January 1973. The opening band, ZZ Top, who had not yet released La … Continue reading

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Let the Factions Battle it Out

Last week, Bernie Sanders returned to the Lone Star State on a Democratic Party unity tour. Like clockwork, Clinton supporters were in meltdown as they continued their condescension, guilt-tripping, and misreading of Sanders supporters. What is even more annoying is … Continue reading

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We Are Doomed!

Haven’t got out much lately, but I keep hearing that since Uber and Lyft have left, Austin has descended into a Dark Age where chaos and anarchy reign, and every day is a battle with death. Emperor Adler and his … Continue reading

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Some things just seem alike

One of my favorite all-time movies. The Dr. Strangelove character, bound to a wheelchair, is loony, delusional, and power-mad with a broad streak of self-loathing. He reminds me of someone. No, not Charles Krauthammer, though that’s a good guess. In … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

For those still waiting for the Divine Trinity of Barbara, Ann, and Molly to descend from the cloud and anoint the chosen one, you might have missed it Tuesday night. Of course, it’s this type of hyperbole that has ruffled … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations We Face Together

Today, the debate of how this country will proceed becomes more focused to a greater number of citizens thanks to the catalyst of James Richard Perry. Much will be made of Perry’s dalliance with the Tea Party, but the group … Continue reading

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Redistricting and F1 If the Austin City Council wants to express its’ liberal bona fides – provided that some members still possess them – then they need to do what is in the best interest of the community by tying … Continue reading

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The Feel Good Event of 2011

Observations of the Save Our School March and Rally at the Texas Capitol 1. The “Free Mumia” crowd was absent. 2. Most vocal contingent was the Socialist Workers Party. To think that their chants are now the most radical thing … Continue reading

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