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Haunting Campaign Signs

Driving down I-35, I saw this campaign sign for Stanley J Wilson. WTH? Now, I’ve never been a fan of campaign signs with photos of the candidates on them, no matter what you’re running for. They’re cheesy as all hell. It’s … Continue reading

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Runoff Endorsements

Runoff Election day is Tuesday, April 13th. If you didn’t vote in the March 2 Primary, you can still vote in the runoff. Travis County E-Day Polling Locations For Travis County Democrats, there’s only one race on the ballot: the … Continue reading

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More Endorsements

Nothing like a swift kick in the ass from McB to make me push through a few more endorsements. Sorry if you’ve already voted, instead of waiting breathlessly for me to tell you what to do. SBOE 5 The State … Continue reading

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Bottom of the Ballot Blues

Like the muddled mint leaves at the bottom of a mojito, the races at the bottom of the ballot can be the thing that makes the drink great, or just pulp. So, a few recommendations from the bartenders here: Justice … Continue reading

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Justice of the Douchebag

Ordinarily, I defend a person’s right to run for office, no matter what. The nutjobs are usually nutty enough that they run for high-profile offices—Mayor, Governor, Senator, President—where you would expect candidates to have at least a little bit of … Continue reading

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This is irony, Alanis

I should start by saying I wasn’t in the best of moods to go out. I like to argue with my body when it tells me that I don’t want to go out, and force it to go out anyway. … Continue reading

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