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Seen but not heard

If you’re reading a blog like this one, you may have tuned in for occasionally hilarity and bottom-of-the-page stories. What follows wouldn’t even have made it to the bottom of the page. Your own Ruth O’Dare went to Austin’s Capitol … Continue reading

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Overreact Much?

The recent story in Dallas Morning News (and several other news sources) on Dallas school districts handcuffing truant students is ironic: the students that were guilty of truancy were arrested on school grounds and taken out of school. Isn’t the … Continue reading

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Family Ties Old and New

Even after many Americans proved their ignorance by their laughably-sad insults against Czechs in response to the Boston Marathon bombings (Chechnya, the country where the bombers had connections, is about 2,000 miles away from the Czech Republic), the Czechs were … Continue reading

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Settling for Less: The New Normal

The funding of public education comes to a vote on May 11 (early vote April 29-May 7) with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) Bond Propositions 1-4 that, if passed, will provide schools with $892,245,000. I usually vote to approve … Continue reading

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People with too much time on their hands

Hi, I couldn’t believe it when I saw a promo for a new History Channel show called “Chasing Tail” which is a common term for men in search of sexual favors with the “tail” being a female body part. The … Continue reading

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Why No One Cares About Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper endorsements from the major dailies in Texas once had an impact on elections. Of course, that’s no longer the case and this endorsement of Mitt Romney by the DMN is a clear example of why. When it comes to … Continue reading

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Balczak 20:11

And yea verily, Rick Perry didst call upon the Texans to pray to the Lord and beseech Him to raineth upon their land, restoreth their crops, and putteth out their brushfires, so that Perry might avoideth an embarrassing request for … Continue reading

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Last Week In Lawyerin’

You may have heard last week about the Supreme Court’s decision in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion. The punchline was that corporations will now have a much easier time avoiding consumer class actions and forcing consumers into single-claim arbitration. All it … Continue reading

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Substitute Right-Winger

So I guess you all have heard the news about the Governor asking for… wait for it…FEDERAL ASSISTANCE in responding to wildfires across the state. Strangely, I haven’t heard from any of my usually reliable friends on the other … Continue reading

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Yes! Exactly!!

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an article out today that is sure to make your inside-the-brain-reading-voice say “Geee, ya think??,” particularly if yours is as snarky as mine. It’s all about how states are going broke because they don’t tax … Continue reading

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