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Why is Eddie Lampert hellbent on destroying Sears?

For those of you who don’t know, Eddie Lampert is an investor who took over Sears Holdings in the mid 2000s. Since that point, the asset has continued to decline. He provides an excellent example of the reality that MOST … Continue reading

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And this would be where I say ‘DUH’

Goldman Sach’s Tourre, who was recently found liable for misleading investors in a synthetic CDO he created to allow participants in the credit markets to ‘bet’ on whether not a basket of securities in a market would collapse. Note, the … Continue reading

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Accurate Credit Ratings

Sen. Franken is asking the SEC to set up a body to govern Credit Ratings Agencies and assign rating work to them on a rotating basis. Now, if any part of that makes sense to you, you probably already know … Continue reading

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Stop. We don’t need a stupid board.

Last month, Council took the unprecedented step of voting for a new, independent board to oversee Austin Energy. This is what it feels like to take a step toward privatizing Austin Energy. What’s bugging me about all this is that, … Continue reading

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Is the Washington Post Ed Board stupid or corrupt?

Reading this endorsement of the KeystoneXL pipeline makes you wonder what exactly the WaPo Ed Board is thinking. Frankly, it’s got to be either stupidity or outright corruption. Only those two could account for the glaring omissions in the piece. … Continue reading

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What I really hate about George W. Bush

I can’t STAND people who lack accountability. People who, despite all the evidence, can still blithely point at irrelevant factors in a problem and make excuses for their own failure. After more than three years in private life, outside the … Continue reading

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There’s a fine line between lookin’ and cheatin’

Infidelity in most relationships can be defined in a range from the average lustful glance all the way to someone’s hands being on some else’s body. However, in most relationships, it can mean actual sexual intercourse. Then you have to … Continue reading

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Might Apple be a good short?

From Doug Kass, via The Big Picture, comes this chart comparing the performance of Google stock vs Apple. And, for those of you who care, I was one of the original late 90’s Apple bulls. Share on Facebook

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This could be huge… Rakoff, of New York‘s Southern District, has been a critic of the custom that allows firms to use their pocketbook to settle charges rather than admitting guilt, and said there is a public interest in finding … Continue reading

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Attention Macy’s Management

THIS is stupid. This will not draw in more consumers to spend more money since they don’t have more money. Retail is going to continue to muddle along with consumers in this country who, frankly, are STILL tapped out and … Continue reading

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