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Throwing out Corporate Personhood

Let me state that I get the NEED for limited personhood to be afforded to artificial constructs. However, it’s clear that we have forgotten one thing and it’s that corporations are NOT natural constructs, they are creations of their founders, … Continue reading

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No, no… you don’t get to play the victim!

Yep, you had to see this coming… Savvy conservatives and evangelicals are acknowledging, often privately, that public opinion is not in their favor. And they fear what will happen in the future to those who fought against the rising tide … Continue reading

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No one melts down…

…quite like Alex Jones melts down. His recent turn on Piers Anthony’s show (which usually defies any attempt to enjoy it, even when enhanced chemically) is the best example of WHY CRAZY PEOPLE SHOULDN’T TALK ABOUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT I’ve … Continue reading

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Oh, this fucking reeks…

In Fact Daily is running a story about the effort to green the F1 track coming to Austin mixed in with the city election on Saturday. The bullshit kicked off when Mayoral Candidate Brigid Shea accused Mayor Leffingwell of failing … Continue reading

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Austin : Rethinking what’s important, More Meter Madness

First up, a rather sad story about a father who accidentally left his one year old in a car. The baby died, the grand jury (thankfully) no billed which I think is appropriate given that it was an accident, not … Continue reading

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What is WRONG with you people?

First this, then this? I mean, REALLY? I get that it’s hot but that ain’t no reason to be cuttin’ folks up and shit! Share on Facebook

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Best Buy and HSBC can suck a bag of dicks

As if their horrendous customer service weren’t bad enough, Best Buy teamed up with HSBC and decided to create a new way to fuck over consumers, with one of their horrible credit cards which I was dumb enough to sign … Continue reading

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Sexting : The stupid spreads to The Statesman

The Statesman ed board, a bastion of intellectual rigor if ever there was one (who can forget their 2004 endorsement of President George W. Bush), today endorsed the proposal by Sen. Watson and AG Abbott to criminalize sexting. They apparently … Continue reading

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Calling Bullshit : Perry, ERCOT and failure to keep Texans warm

Like all of you, I woke up to the news this AM that Texas would be enjoying rolling blackouts. Apparently, there’s some ‘problem’ at undisclosed generation stations. Now, I think that sounds just a wee bit fishy, especially since this … Continue reading

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Oh my… but that’s not the way math works

So the Libertarians had their conclave this weekend here in Austin and I missed it because I was too busy running errands and laughing at some of the rather generously fed folks in town for the ROT rally. I did … Continue reading

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