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Stand Up to Stop Dangerous Fracking

In Dallas on March 2nd and 3rd, there is a conference in Dallas to help stop fracking for natural gas. Click here for more information and help save our air and water from massive amounts of pollution. Share on Facebook

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Is the Washington Post Ed Board stupid or corrupt?

Reading this endorsement of the KeystoneXL pipeline makes you wonder what exactly the WaPo Ed Board is thinking. Frankly, it’s got to be either stupidity or outright corruption. Only those two could account for the glaring omissions in the piece. … Continue reading

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That’s fracked up, UT!

Son of a bitch… turns out the lead author of a already questionable report published by UT on the safety of fracking is not only a paid board member of a company which is involved in fracking, he’s also a … Continue reading

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Is Range Resources retarded?

Up in the gas patch, Sharon Wilson has been tangling with a company called Range Resources that’s really pulling out the stops to try to shut her up. It’s not working, but it’s providing as great deal of amusement to … Continue reading

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Spike in fracking – related earthquakes

Some of y’all in North Texas may have felt a little shaking last night and there’s a reason… Sharon over at BlueDaze has the details. The reality is that while many of these earthquakes may not be directly caused by … Continue reading

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I told you so…

It’s hard being right all the time. Seriously. But, the money I made shorting gold takes out the sting from all of you asshats who told me I was wrong about oil. Turns out, they didn’t have to raise margin … Continue reading

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Ungrateful dicks

You know what? SCREW LIBYA! Abdul Fatah Younis, the head of the Libyan rebels, says he is “disappointed” in NATO for doing too little to protect civilians. “Unfortunately, and I am sorry to say this, NATO has disappointed us. My … Continue reading

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A Good Idea and A Stupid Idea

First up, there’s a study commissioned by TXDOT that advocates tolling a lane on I35, changing it’s designation and shifting it the designation to TX 130 from Georgetown to Buda. From the stand point of relieving congestion through Austin Metro, … Continue reading

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Calling Bullshit : Perry, ERCOT and failure to keep Texans warm

Like all of you, I woke up to the news this AM that Texas would be enjoying rolling blackouts. Apparently, there’s some ‘problem’ at undisclosed generation stations. Now, I think that sounds just a wee bit fishy, especially since this … Continue reading

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Not so much with peak oil?

Now this is interesting… especially since it kinda drops cold water on the case for higher oil prices. Share on Facebook

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