Win With Warren

I didn’t start off this primary season behind Senator Warren, I was more for Senator Harris. However, during the course of these few months, Warren has jumped out ahead in terms of campaign quality and seriously stepped up how well she delivers her message. She is now best in the field and her central theme, I Have A Plan For That, fuels hope in people who’ve long since abandoned it in the face of Trump’s glaring and consistent incompetence. Further, it ties together her campaign with a simple message that anyone, of any education level, can grasp and understand.

I don’t know whether she started out with this point in mind, but she has taken complex issues, created solutions that are both workable and cost effective on a ton of issues, and then pulled it all under one, neat, hard to dislodge message.

What’s so beautiful about it from a messaging perspective is that it feeds into an essentially American ethos, that we are masters of ourselves and can fix what’s wrong ourselves. There’s no need to blame anyone or even worry about them. Americans just need get to work. This appeals unbelievably well to the new voting majority below the age of 50.

It also has a very destabilizing effect on Trump’s messaging.

Make America Great Again? She Has A Plan For That!

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