Great Moments in Assholery

You know, you couldn’t get me to go back to high school for a million dollars. Or ten million dollars. Okay, maybe a zillion dollars. But not if I’d have to deal with Prinicpal Dicknose, as reported in today’s Slag.

A handful of Dripping Springs High School seniors will be called back into the principal’s office for cheering and bouncing beach balls above their heads during their graduation ceremony Friday at the Shoreline Center in Austin.

Their behavior, said Principal Greg Jung, was unacceptable.

Jung held on to diplomas for the entire 200-student graduating class for two days while district staff reviewed video of the ceremony in an effort to identify the pranksters. Jung said he expected to release diplomas for students not involved today or Friday.

Once the offenders have been identified, Jung said, he will meet with the students and their parents this month to “let them help me determine how to resolve the situation.” Jung hopes the students can come up with a way to make things right, perhaps through a community service project.

Hey, Hitlerito, why don’t you call the draft board and have them all shipped to Vietnam? That’ll show the little bastards, yah fucking fascist asswipe!

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