Watts announces exploratory effort

Hot on the heels of Lampson’s announcement that he’s going to run for re-election in CD 22, Mikal Watt’s announced that he is ‘exploring’ running to be the Democratic nominee to run for Senate next year and finally put Sen . Corpsyn where he belongs (out on the street, natch).
I gotta say, I’m really very proud of Lampson. While I thought he was the wrong person to run against Corpsyn, I think he’ll be a great candidate against Dermatologist DraculaCunt. Please run more aggressively this time, Congressman and beat the shit outta that retard!
As for Watts… I know next to nothing about him. Oh, I know the basics. What I don’t know is what kind of a candidate he’ll be? Any fire there or will he be Lametina Navritolova?
Anyone care to chime in here?

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