What if the smoking gun came in the form of dead air?

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to right-wing gasbag Sean Hannity:

Freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of conscience are not a thorn in the side of government. Disagreeing with your government is not unpatriotic and most certainly should not be a crime in any country, especially a democracy.

Okay, small misstatement of fact on my part. Condi wasn’t speaking on Fox News but instead at a meeting of OAS foreign ministers and she was actually speaking about events in Venezuela, where bonapartist dictator Hugo Chavez recently shut down a hostile TV network and threatened to do the same to others.
Irony accomplished.
For his part, Chavez’s representative compared Bush to ho hum Hitler, and not favorably either. Still, considering that Chavez had previously referred to Bobo as the Devil, some say this could actually be a sign that Chavez wants better relations with the country whose purchases of his oil finance his revolution.

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