I’m traveling…

I’m in Houston tonight, then on to Dallas. I’m not happy. I had dinner at some awful place called Massa’s in Houston (REPULSIVE) and am staying at what has to be the shittiest Hyatt Hotel in the entire chain (yes, Sister Ruth… it’s the same one from the TDP convention in 2004). This shitbox hotel only has wireless through T-Mobile. They also have wired but when I called down to inquire as to the location of the Cat 5 plug, the asshat who answered asked ‘What’s Cat 5?’
I now have an account with T-Mobile. Yay.
To top it all off, my smoking room doesn’t have a fucking ashtray. So, I’m improvising with a soapdish. At $300 per night, natch.
To my peeps in Houston Metro (Hey Y’all!) I can only say don’t get mad at me for not calling. Honestly. You sooo wouldn’t want to be around unhappy McBlogger right now. Remember the good times… I know I certainly will. I don’t want to find myself hating on Houston where I’ve had some DAMN good times (Hey Muse!)
The Mayor will be entertaining you during my inevitable absences. In the meantime, for the Houstonians, please tell me what the fuck is the problem with the 10? It took me AN HOUR to get from Hwy 6 into downtown. Are people in Katy just stupid or what?

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