It’s easy to agitate for war…

… when you don’t have to fight which is, apparently, what makes Bill Kristol such an aggressive chickenhawk. Keep in mind that he’s been wrong about EVERYTHING from the initial invasion of Iraq to the current ‘surge’ strategy which is, apparently, going nowhere. Now he and Frederick Kagan are agitating for an attack on Iran.

Calling the State Department’s recent talks with Iran and Syria “fantasy diplomatic solutions,” Kristol and Kagan instead advocate that “[d]iplomatic engagement by itself is a trap,” suggesting, as they both have before, that America should only deal militarily with Iraq’s neighbors. Such a policy would likely accelerate nuclear development in Iran and has been swiftly rejected by top U.S. military commanders.
Kristol and Kagan aim for a single objective: more war. As Glenn Greenwald noted, “What they [Kristol and Kagan] seek — by their own acknowledgment — is a conflict with Iran and Syria, and they want to stay in Iraq because that is how that goal can be achieved.”

Bill, the ship has sailed. You and your fellow neocons shot your wad with Iraq, fucked it all up and now want a do-over? Not so much, dipshit.
At some point you have to wonder when folks will put this idiot out to pasture?

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