Pissing onto the Constitution

The Texas Supreme Court, in yet another effort to ‘be all that they can be’ for corporations, has vacated a judgment in favor of a mechanic whose lungs are fucked all to hell because of asbestos.

The Supreme Court, however, found that the lower courts mistakenly blamed Flores’ illness on BorgWarner brake pads based on his frequent, regular exposure to the dust from grinding. But without establishing how much asbestos could have been inhaled or whether the amounts were sufficient to cause asbestosis, there is no way to judge BorgWarner’s liability, the court said.
“There is no question, on this record, that mechanics in the braking industry could be exposed to respirable asbestos fibers. But without more, this testimony is insufficient to establish that the BorgWarner brake pads were a substantial factor in causing Flores’ disease,” Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson wrote on behalf of the unanimous court.

Will bars use this a defense when they are sued in drunk driving accident cases? Two things are certain… there need to be some changes on the Supreme Court and the Republican Supreme Court just made it easier for corporations to offload their liabilities on taxpayers. Come on, you don’t for a second think that it won’t be taxpayers who ultimately will pay the bill for this guys’ health care. Not that I’m complaining… just wish Borg Warner would pick up IT’S share of the tab.
Here’s an idea… when you go to get brakes, make sure they weren’t made by BorgWarner. If they don’t want to pay their share then fuck them and their shitty business.

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