Sunday Links Fun

  • Something Awful has a great Photoshop Phriday up and the topic was Yankee Candles like this one
    Image hosting by Photobucket check them all out here.
  • Washington Monthly has a couple of good reviews up of books you and I will NOT be reading. The first one covers the American Conservative ‘Movement’ (I know, I know… there should be a law) and The National Review’s effect on it’s shaping. The review is interesting because it details rather nicely the ‘crackup’ of said movement. THEN, they launch into what an HRC presidency would look like. The word ‘nightmare’ is one of the words used.
  • The Houston Chronicle (God help me! I’m starting to kinda respect them!) has an article up about younger military leaders coming out about Rumsfeld’s leadership at Defense.
    An Army major who is an intelligence specialist said: “The history I will take away from this is that the current crop of generals failed to stand up and say, ‘We cannot do this mission.’ They confused the cultural can-do attitude with their responsibilities as leaders to delay the start of the war until we had an adequate force.”
  • Bush’s focus? Not on anything right now, other than Keeping Congress Republican, at least according to the Baltimore Sun.
  • Lastly, from Knight-Ridder courtesy of the Miami Herald, is a nice piece of commentary regarding the the Generals speaking out against Bush and the simple fact that What They Have To Say Matters
    They are, of course, entitled to the same right of freedom of speech as any ordinary American once they have taken off the stars and the uniform. Given their experience in military matters, their opinions carry a heavier weight.
  • Enjoy your Sunday! I’m off to drinks!

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    1. Dave In A Cave says:

      I guess the Something Awful Photoshoppers are all young punks since no one thought to include a Fresh Mimeograph candle.

    2. Anonymous says:

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