Tolls : TXDoT to slow down 35 for Cintra-Zachry…

Yeah, we kinda told you so…now the Statesman is all over it.

The state’s privatization contract for the 40-mile stretch of Texas 130, which will run parallel of I-35 to the east, includes the option for the state to earn credit, though not payment, for pushing traffic to the tollway. That includes by lowering I-35 speed limits.
But a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation said the agency won’t do that, even for financial gain.
“We don’t expect to be reducing speed limits on I-35,” spokeswoman Gaby Garcia said. “They are set by traffic engineering studies and not by economic gain.”

The state signed the Texas 130 deal in March with a consortium made up of Cintra of Spain and Zachry Construction Corp. of San Antonio.

Not to be rude, but who wrote this stupid story? For one thing, she did NOT say that they won’t drop speeds on 35. She said ‘they don’t expect to’ which is as good as ‘we’ll do it when no one is looking!’
Oh, and it appears some R Legislators are really irritated about TXDoT’s advertising plan. Wanna bet that goes nowhere?

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