And now, it’s our problem…

The Zetas, the enforcement arm of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel, isn’t satisfied with just being able to kill, at will, in Mexico. They are developing that ability here as well, according to Grits.

Those who consider violence by drug cartels a Mexican problem will want to read this Dallas News story (“American youths doing drug cartels dirty work,” Nov. 10) describing how Los Zetas – a group of former US-trained Mexican military commandos who defected to join the Gulf Cartel as enforcers – hire and train youth as young as 13 to commit murders and perform cartel business on the Texas side of the border. Much of the public information about this shadowy network comes from the prosecution of Rosalio Reta, one of the teenage “Zetillas” prosecuted this summer for murders in Laredo on the US side.

Clearly, law enforcement is doing it’s level best here in the states to keep up with well funded and well armed thugs. However, as long as we continue this ridiculous war on drugs (which has, effectively, been a 30+ year failure) the best we can hope for is for law enforcement to keep them in check. The reality is that the only thing working for us is the greed of the cartel. If they were willing to make a real investment infrastructure and personnel, they’d be a VERY serious threat to the peace.
Legalize. Cut them off at the knees and be done with it.

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