Today I was happily driving along listening intently to what was going on around the world and landed smack dab in the middle of some honest to god bullshit. (I know this is a surprising occurence in this day and age) Anyway, CNN was chit chatting along about the country is broke, $120 a barrell blah blah blah, the usual….AND THEN…They played clips from and interview they did with a guy leaving a foodbank (in New York I believe). Anyway, they were discussing how many of the people they are finding at the foodbank these days are far from the “typical” foodbank candidate… Typical meaning, jobless, carless, uneducated etc. Well this man happened to have a college education, a home, a car and a job however, he is still unable to make ends meet, something most of us can relate to more often than we would like to admit. The story went on to discuss that many Americans right now look comfortable and collected on the surface, they live in nice homes, their kids drive BMW’s to school with iPods shoved in their ears but come home to NO FOOD!!! WTF is that??? I will tell you what it is…RIDICULOUS!!! Do they truly value the appearance of being “upper crust” above making decisions like saving MONEY and EATING??? I cant imagine being so stupid, not in a million years. Stories like this are humiliating and disgraceful to our country. If you act like that, shame on you, starve starve starve away. Keep your grimy hands off food that people actually need!!!

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