Things you may have missed…

  • You know all that ‘news’ in the ‘media’ about people starving in exotic vacay destinations like Honduras? Turns out, the World Bank was largely responsible. Well, the World Bank with a heaping helping of Friedmanite ideology. Please note, this story comes from Bloomberg… hardly a bastion of liberal thought.
  • Texas has a surplus! Yay! Can we now, you know, BUILD THE ROADS THAT TXDOT SAID WE CAN’T AFFORD? And maybe fund CHIP? And how about ending tuition deregulation? How about putting money into our underfunded pensions?
    According to 39%’s spokespuppy, Leon, there’s going to be more ‘tax relief’ which will end up like 39%’s last tax relief which netted me about 56 cents.

    “With a surplus of this magnitude, I know the governor believes we need to look at some sort of tax relief, whether it be on property taxes, business taxes or some type of actual rebate, like the federal government can do but we haven’t been able to,” Black said.

    ROCK! So, instead of making some good choices that will help us weather the next bad storm (or, in the case of infrastructure, actually help create economic activity and wealth), you’re going to treat the surplus as a slush fund.
    39%, if you’re handing out lulu’s, can you please send me a case of Beefeater. I’m trying to perfect the Chelsea Sidecar and need the materials.

  • The Republicans are trying to fix the NRCC. The good news, at least for us, is that it appears to be working. If you mean ‘fix’ in the sense of neutering a pet. This should bode well for Skelly, Doherty and even Lampson (can you tell I’m working on that whole ‘being derisive toward our candidates’ thing?).
  • Ladies and gentleman… Rick Cofer with a rant on plastic bags
  • Hava goodun!

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