Winning the stupid olympics, pt 3

REALLY. That’s enough with the stupid, Republicans. I’m so sick of hearing all the lies coming from y’all. Well, it’s either lying or just rank stupidity.
Maybe I should call John McCain’s spokespuppy and find out which.

  • Bush, clearly drunk, proposes expanding offshore drilling. There are a couple points here including
    1) There’s not enough oil to really make a dent in demand.
    2) You can’t bring what’s there up fast enough to have a real impact on prices without stomping on speculation.
    3) Bush could end high oil prices in an afternoon by starving speculators.
    4) Did I mention there’s not enough oil down there?
    But the biggest one is that there isn’t enough equipment for offshore drilling available. Because it’s already being used in the areas where you CAN drill offshore. Which also, it just so happen, is where 80% of the total oil available on the continental shelf (for those of you who’ve been voting R, ‘right off the coast’) is located. In other words, anyone that tells you we’re missing out on some kind of oil panacea in the deep water is lying to you. But hey, it’s not the first time Bush has lied.
  • This op/ed nails the delusional case for drilling offshore…
    There is no doubt that a lot of people have been discomfited and genuinely hurt by $4-a-gallon gas. But their suffering will not be relieved by drilling in restricted areas off the coasts of New Jersey or Virginia or California. The Energy Information Administration says that even if both coasts were opened, prices would not begin to drop until 2030. The only real beneficiaries will be the oil companies that are trying to lock up every last acre of public land before their friends in power

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