Harry Balczac’s Reminder To You People, Part 1

Even though it’s 2008, I’m still good and stewed over that dumb, dumb thing You People did in 2004 – all 62 million plus of you. (I won’t bring up 2000 or what a smaller subset of You People did in ’98 and ’94, because I’m magnanimous that way).
So just to make sure You People don’t do something similarly stupid this year, I’m introducing a new recurring feature from now until Election Day: Harry Balczac’s Reminder To You People. In this series, I will periodically chime in with some reminder of the ridiculous sales pitches that duped all You People just four short years ago.
Hopefully, being made to inhale your own brain farts in this manner will build up your resistance to future campaign sophistry (a more accurate term would be McThuselan Bullshit or GOP Projectile DooDooBomb, but again, my magnanimity…). So without further ado, I bring you Installment One: “The Commander In Chief….Of T-Ball!!”
Remember when all You People were scared that terrorists were under the bed, but you felt safe because His Deciderness wore a fighter pilot uniform, and said “Bring it on” to the “Terr’rists”, and swaggered a lot, and had his surrogates slander the other candidate who actually went into combat instead of playing hookie from stateside duty, and all You People positively SWOONED over what a strong, manly, Alpha-male Commander In Chief we had, like old-timey women who got the vapors while entertaining gentlemen callers in the parlor?
Well, the war in Iraq is still on, Afghanistan is still a festering Stage IV decubitis ulcer on the ass of the Asian landmass, Pakistan is getting worse in a hurry, the military is more demoralized than ever, but our Commander in Chief, who YOU PEOPLE elected, can’t be bothered right now…because he’s got a T-Ball game to officiate. Dana Milbank of WaPo has the story here.
Nero played the violin while Rome burned. Our commander-in-chief plays T-ball with a chipmunk. You People think about that.

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