You SUCK : Albert Gonzales Edition

You may have heard that Albert Gonzales, who lost to Karen Huber in the Democratic Primary, decided to endorse Libertarian Wes Benedict. If you were one of the, like, 20 people who know who Albert Gonzales AND Wes Benedict are.
We at McBlogger would just like to let you all know we think sour grapes suck. And so does Albert Gonzales.
Karen DID beat you, Albert and she’ll win the general. And you’ll still be sitting there, sucking.

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4 Responses to You SUCK : Albert Gonzales Edition

  1. sccs says:

    Where did this get published? Any text of the endorsement?
    Any place where we may excoriate the lameness?

  2. mcblogger says:

    No where, but I’m sure Gardner will write something about it. It was an email I got yesterday of a press release from Benedict and it was poorly written so I decided not to post it.

  3. sccs says:

    At the very least, this obliterates his chances of ever being re-elected to Precinct Chair.
    How can you run an entire campaign on “I’m a better Democrat!” and “She’s a Republican! No, REALLY!”, then turn around and endorse the Libertarian?
    Who’s the better Democrat now, Al? You would have been better off keeping your mouth shut. Now your foot is so far down your throat you can kick your own ass.

  4. Mayor McSleaze says:

    Wow, this endorsement might be worth two, maybe three votes!