You SUCK : Governor Sanford (SC) Edition

PhotobucketSouth Carolina Governor Sanford spent Wednesday in Washington at hearings regarding another stimulus package. People on both sides agree one is needed to boost states and cities, mostly to rebuild crumbling infrastructure (which is, coincidentally, the single BEST thing you can do for commerce nationally) and to get consumer (and then business) confidence back up.

…House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee demonstrated bipartisan support for tens of billions of dollars for infrastructure projects such as highway construction, water and sewer projects and modernization of schools and public housing.
There, lawmakers and witnesses such as New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, touted public works projects for both creating jobs and making the economy more efficient.
“Every billion dollars in spending on infrastructure, on highway and transportation expenditures does result in 35,000 new jobs,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla.

I did say people agree but that’s not really true. It was MOST EVERYONE on one side and Governor Sanford stupidly on the other. Sanford, it appears, has not had that stunning Come-To-Jesus moment where we all realize that we’re not islands unto ourselves, no matter how much we love Ayn Rand.

“I’m here to beg of you not to approve or advance the contemplated $150 billion stimulus package,” Sanford said. “This $150 billion salve may in fact further infect our economy with unnecessary government influence and unintended fiscal consequences.”
By Sanford’s count, the federal government has already pumped $2 trillion into the economy this year through a previous stimulus package, the financial services bailout, and rescue actions for specific firms.
After Paterson and Sanford offered heady arguments featuring quotes from noted economists and novelist Ayn Rand, the committee heard from another witness, Mayor Douglas Palmer of Trenton, N.J.
He had a much simpler message, quoting “that great poet John Lennon of the Beatles.”
“Help!” the mayor said.

Would someone, please, take aside our ertswhile Realtor turned politician and explain to him that little actual money has been spent… and it’s entirely probable that little actually will be spent before the markets recover?
You might also want to clue him into the fact that Rand just doesn’t, you know, jive well with the real world. Where we live. You know the type of people who are obsessed with the overly simplistic Rand? People like this guy…
Who is apparently the next Governor from South Carolina.

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