It’s official… Energy Deregulation failed

Coby and Vince have more on the reports out recently detailing the absolute failure of electricity deregulation in Texas. Which comes as a huge shock to us.

So why make a big deal out of it anymore? Texans in deregulation markets are getting screwed. It is plain and simple, but instead of standing up and demanding that promises of lower rates be kept, they instead tuck tail and pay twice as much as they were paying. Without question.
According to a press conference by Governor Rick Perry:
“There is no reason to consider re-regulating the electricity market even though rates have soared. The consumers of Texas are dumber than turkeys in a rain storm and they aren’t complaining, so I ain’t doing nothing.”
Ok. Perry didn’t really say that, but he should. Texas consumers are dumber than dirt. Maybe they will get off their dumb ass and demand to re-regulate the industry or at least hold someone accountable.
Those of us who have voiced our opinions would appreciate it.

This will be an issue in 2010. While people are comfortable paying their electric bill monthly and don’t really understand they COULD have it better, as soon as they find out they’re going to be mad. And they’ll find the Republicans an easy target.

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