SD 17 : NOW is the time

Election Day is Tuesday and the Republicans are desperate, as shown by Joan Huffman’s decision to throw integrity and ethics out the proverbial window.

  • First off, she decided to hold a barbecue at one of the early voting locations which is a pretty clear cut violation of election law.
  • Next up, her decision to sell herself to special interests. Her biggest contributors so far are Bob Perry (who likes to contribute to Republicans who will help him with lawsuits from homeowner’s he’s screwed over) and the insurance lobby which represents the folks who have driven up premiums in this state to some of the highest levels in the nation. One has to wonder what Huffman had to promise to get those bucks
  • Finally, dear Joan has been using a service to smear-dial Chris Bell by calling Democratic voters at odd hours of the night to tell them about some sort of vague ethics issue without naming a candidate or disclosing her own ethics issues.
  • Chris Bell needs you help. And Texans need Chris Bell in that Senate seat!

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