So, kids have sex? You don’t say…

As it turns out, abstinence pledges don’t work. We kinda knew about that. Then we knew about it again. Even this year, we got to see it vividly.
Can y’all now stop with the creepy daddy’s little virgin crap? If you really want to keep your little ones pure, may we suggest making them unattractive by force feeding them Krispy Kreme? Since we have a lot of stock in KK (full disclosure, yo!), we’d really appreciate it and the extra fat and acne will definitely make sure that your little girl never gets asked out by anyone. Except, maybe, Duckie.
Of course, there are always those who will say the study was flawed. Today it’s Kathryn Lopez of Townhall and the National Review Online who takes issue with an objective report on just how fatally flawed her ideological position really is.

The National Abstinence Education Association disputed the whole premise of the study, using this obvious tack. Its executive director, Valerie Huber, remarked to me in an e-mail interview: “The author inaccurately equates the holistic breadth of an abstinence education program to the one-time event of a virginity pledge. A pledge and an abstinence program are not synonymous.”

Yeah, but not really. See, the study looked at just those MOST COMMITTED to the abstinence only programs, those who actually make the promise to stay virgins until married. The result? There was no difference between those who did make the pledge and those who did not, in so far as actually having premarital sex. The only difference was that those who actually received some balanced sexed were far more likely to use condoms.
Kathryn and other fat, 35 year old virgins want to make this all about a corrupt culture and talk about wanting to treat teenagers with dignity and respect. I can agree with that, I just think it’s more respectful to give teenagers all the facts and trust them to make the right decision, rather than force them to make a promise many of them will never keep.
What’s wrong, Kathryn, with empowering teenagers with the facts? It really makes no difference in terms of whether or not they will engage in premarital intercourse. It will, however, make a tremendous difference in terms of their safety and preventing unwanted pregnancies.
At the end of the day, unattractive people like Kathryn can’t understand why, for many teens, this is such a difficult promise to keep. People like them were never confronted with the opportunity.

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