The Drillin’ Mud Salesman

Well, it appears CradDICK is toast. We would have covered this live last night but for the fact that we were out drinking. And having dinner. Then drinking some more. It’s SUNDAY, bitch. What do you want from us, minute by minute updates?
If news happens on Sunday, you better check KXAN. Or BOR. Or CapAnnex. Or Elise. Those people had nothing better to do than blog about the demise of CradDICK’s speakership.
wax cock1.jpgAll of us at McBlogger would like to wish CradDICK nothing but the best, far from us. And of course, GIANT WAX COCK will always look back fondly on the good times.
Rep. Hartnett seems to think that R’s will rally around Smithee which won’t happen. I think he and Dave Carney are developing a strategy that won’t work but which, nonetheless, will lead to open ended warfare on the R side of the aisle. Actually, I think that will happen regardless.
Phillip has a piece up about why Strauss isn’t bad for Democrats.Vince has one up about Strauss being horrible for Democrats in 2010. The reality isn’t in between. Philip, though dry, is right and there’s a lot more I’m sure he’d say if we hadn’t just entered a new era of Good Feelings (now with Bipartisanship!).
I’ll leave you only with this for those panicked about the impact a Strauss speakership will have on D’s in 2010… when the long knives come out, it won’t be on the D side.

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