Caption This Photo, Then Kill Yourself

Uncle O’Grimacey but rarely rises from his gin induced near-coma to do much blogging these days. But, when he does, you can bet it is going to be some masterful bullshit.
I bring ye nothing less today. It’s a wee bit of a challenge. I want you to caption this photo. But before I show you the photo, I want to tell you about it. It’s a photo of a Texas Congressman–Mike McCaul (who now fancies himself the Attorney General In Waiting)–and his lovely family waiting for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to show up and do a “ceremonial swearing-in.” Which is one of the asshatty things they do when you get elected to Congress.
We warn you: we didn’t doctor this photo one little bit. What you see could traumatize you for a hell of a long time. But here it is:

Caption that, motherfuckers! Here are some of my ideas:

“One of Congressman Mike McCaul’s youngest daughters about to vomit at the site of a Democratic congressman who happened to walk by as one of the older children looks away, and another young McCaul daughter runs to her father for comfort. The child was heard shouting, ‘Daddy! There are too many socialists!’ immediately before running to her father.”

Or, try this one on for size:

“The daughters of Congressman Mike McCaul (R-Texas) rebel just before a ceremonial swearing-in on Capitol Hill Monday. The children were evidently upset over the fact that they were the only young Republican girls at the event whose dresses had been purchased at a South Houston quinceanera dress store.”

Or this:

“A daughter of Texas Congressman Mike McCaul is possessed by a poltergeist shortly before a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill on Monday.”

I look forward to your captions!

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