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“De javu” again
So once again legislators fall short of finding a real fix for school financing
In 2005 bill HB 2 was a farce and the creation of Rep. Kent Grusendorf, who was kicked out in a reelection bid and as the Chair of the Committee on Public Education. Instead of promoting real cures for school ills, the proposed bill, backed politely by the governor, recommended obtuse measures to “improve” the quality of education without locating reality-based sources of significant financing.
Despite a court order to remedy the school-finance problem, many legislators and the public are viewed firsthand the continuing ineptitude shown by legislative leaders in dealing with the issues.
The problems inherent remain in public education and fixing the decade-long problems really is not that difficult. However, it has become much more complicated due to the ongoing inability of lawmakers to arrive at expedient and rational solutions to obvious and prolonged issues.
Isn’t there anyone at the capitol with sufficient intelligence and comprehension of the real issues facing public education and of locating the sources needed to finance it?
by Peter Stern

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