Sucking at math…

Not that I’m Carl Jacobi, but I’m least better at math than certain Republicans. First up, we have history professor and former ethically challenged Speaker of the US House Rep. Newt Gingrich. Apparently, Newtie thinks that cap and trade will be all expense, no benefit which is about like saying when I go to Neiman’s and spend money I don’t get anything in return. Maybe this one isn’t so much a math error for Newt as it is an accounting error… You know, when you spend money on something and you receive an asset in return.
Nah, it’s a math error because he can’t even correctly determine the cost to the average family in the US.
While Newt’s a dumbass, the real winner of this weeks STOOOPIDFUCK contest is Rick Perry who shunned more than $500mn in the stimulus plan (because it would cost Texas businesses $15mn a year in 10 years) and replaced it with a tax that will cost Texas businesses more than $800mn. This year.

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