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Funniest thing I’ve seen all day…

McCracken is going to have to revisit his position on corporate subsidies, or he’ll never get the support of Brian Rodgers and Linda Curtis powerhouse mailing list and website. He needs to do some soul searching here and have a one on one with Brian (who should have run for Mayor because he’s the Austinite most deserving and qualified for this post). He doesn’t stand a chance without the support of this major power broker who delivered the votes in the StopDomain referendum and supported Carole Keeton Strayhorn.

Except that they lost. On both items. WRT to Strayhorn, they came in third.
Oh, there will be a lot more on this entire post but I HAD to say something about this. Rogers, like many members of RG4N, has a unique ability to turn supporters into people who’d really rather help fight AGAINST him. I was one of them and now, frankly, I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOP AT THAT AWESOME NEW WAL-MART ON ANDERSON. Also, I LOVE my new slides that I bought from NM at the Domain.
As for Linda Curtis, if the moron could figure out what the hell she was doing, I’d pay attention. But she can’t. She’s an ineffectual idiot wasting the time of good people who would be better off listening to saner and smarter people. Linda, like a lot of half-assed ‘movement’ leaders, gets out in front of something that may have been worthwhile… and fucks it all up. She and the Stalls, for one thing, were so completely ineffectual on efforts to really fix the transportation mess in this state that it’s a wonder I don’t have part of the TTC running through my living room. Their cowtowing to douchebags like Sen.’s Carona and Nichols is now well known and part of the reason we are still fighting over the TTC and toll financing this session.

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