Another privatization failure

I got some pretty nasty criticism from some people for saying the Lege really didn’t know what they were doing when it came to privatization and more specifically the transportation bank. I based my comments on the fact that, well, their efforts to date have been pretty lousy. 3588, 792 and the abysmal HB300. So far, the score is zero for the Lege, three for me.
As it turns out, you guys and gals aren’t the only ones. In Chicago, they underpriced their meter system by almost $1 billion. So, when someone like me questions TXDOT about the value of a CDA, it’s because I know TXDOT’s folks are idiots when it comes to calculating the value of our infrastructure. When I question you Legislators about the laws you’re passing that enable TXDOT to do stupid things, why not take a step back and really look at what you’re doing.
It might help you avoid a Chicago like mistake.

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