Texas Governor Rick Perry & Eminent Domain

by Peter Stern
Slime-Ball Perry Rides Again!
Governor Rick Perry is scamming the people of Texas (again).
Perry’s recent Press Release conveys the message that he signed an eminent domain bill HJR 14 that gives Texans the right to vote in November on this proposed amendment to protect their homes and property from being taken by the government and given to someone else.
This is more Perry posturing. The Texas Governor does NOT have to sign for a prospective amendment to go to a public vote. If a majority of the Texas Congress {which it did on this bill] approves a proposed amendment it goes directly [NOT TO THE Governor] to the Secretary of State who will place it on the ballot in the next amendment election.
Of course Perry [via his spokesperson] will say that in 2005 he signed an eminent domain bill, but it was bogus — NOT in the best interests of the people.
In 2007 he vetoed another eminent domain bill because it would have forced government or special interests to pay a more fair. and reasonable reimbursement to property owners for land taken from them.
Now he is back to the BS that he is pro-eminent domain. He is so full of crap it’s pathetic.
Perry is using this eminent domain issue to try to build support for his reelection. This behavior underscores Perry’s irresponsible behavior, his under-handed methodology in his gubernatorial rule and his lack of ethics. Clearly, Texans need to vote in another candidate for governor in November of 2010.

Peter Stern of Driftwood, TX is a political writer well-known and published frequently throughout the Texas community and nationwide. He is a Vietnam-era Disabled Veteran and holds three post-graduate degrees. You may contact Peter Stern at: pstern@austin.rr.com

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