July 4th Has a Vivid Memory

The Freedom We Won is Still the Freedom We Must Continue to Fight For
by Peter Stern
July 4th 1776 is the victorious celebration of the American Revolution, when the King of England’s oppressive rule was overthrown by American colonists.
Today it’s good for Americans to remember that time period and the real reason we broke away from such an autocratic ruler:
“No taxation without representation” means you can’t be taxed without fair representation and agreeing to it
Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Freedom to become educated and to do whatever you want to do as long as it’s legal
Freedom to read whatever you want to
Freedom to buy a home and not lose it to foreclosure due to sky-high property taxes and a depressive economy
Freedom to run for political office without having to pay astronomical fees to do so, nor by being bought out by wealthy special interests
The new American government of the Thirteen Colonies would refuse to go into the sort of debt that the George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama administrations undertook for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and reconstruction — $300 Billion!
President George Washington believed in tending to American needs with a more isolationist policy regarding our world neighbors; perhaps he was on to something
Veterans of the Revolutionary War were taken care of by the new American government; our government needs to step-up and do the same
American patriotism was for wealthy, middle class and poor alike.
On July 4th it is important to remember why Americans really celebrate this event in our history and it is equally important to recall the reasons we decided to separate from England and the King’s autocratic rule — including the oppressive taxation prevalent during those times for the King’s special interests.
We must remember and honor our Veterans who continue to die to protect America from its enemies and that our tax dollars must go to provide returning Veterans with the services and health care programs they need to be well and to continue to be productive members of our society.
Lastly, we must ensure that our forefathers didn’t fight and die in vain.
We must ensure that our government never loses sight of the fact that our officials are in their positions as representatives “of the people, by the people and for the people.”
These days it appears that our President and Congress constantly must be reminded of this fact.

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