Crush the TTC and Toll Road Agendas at the Capitol

Wednesday starts the Special Interest Special Session
Reprinted by Peter Stern with permission from Terri Hall and TURF
Contact: Hank Gilbert, Board Member, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), President of Piney Woods Subregional Planning Commission, (903) 570-3613, WEB:
Legislature poised to pass largest tax increase in Texas history, sell roads to foreign corporations
Texans reject quick fix, ask lawmakers to slow down and get it right

Austin, TX, July 1, 2009 – The Texas Legislature, at the behest of Texas Governor Rick Perry, convenes Wednesday for a Special Session in order to ram through three bills that will affect Texans for generations. Concerned citizens are hopping mad about lawmakers’ rush to get home for the 4th of July holiday rather than give due consideration to what some have dubbed the largest tax increase in Texas history, selling Texas highways to PRIVATE foreign corporations that charge 75 cents PER MILE in new toll taxes to access PUBLIC roads.
On Wednesday morning, Texans will converge at the capitol to demand Perry’s controversial and virtually universally detested road privatization schemes die a natural death August 31 as scheduled, which will also KILL the mechanism to build the Trans Texas Corridor.
What: Press conference on the citizens’ transportation agenda
Who: The people of Texas through Texas TURF, a non-partisan, grassroots group defending citizens’ concerns with toll roads & Trans Texas Corridor
When: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 9:00 am
Where: South steps of the Texas capitol, Austin, TX

In 2007 by a combined vote of 169-5, the Texas Legislature passed a bill, SB 792, to put a moratorium on private toll contracts, called comprehensive development agreements (or CDAs) that privatize and sell Texas highways to the highest bidder. The moratorium ends August 31, 2009, and CDAs, except for approximately a dozen projects that were exempted, sunset with it. CDAs are the primary vehicle used to construct the Trans Texas Corridor.

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