Toll Me Another Story

“Toll” is just another dirty 4-letter word
Telling people not to use toll roads if they don’t want to and then building them is almost like telling people not to breathe if they don’t want to. They are going to be hurt.
Why? Because we all will be paying toll road TAXES even if we “don’t use them”.
How? We will pay the extra tolls at the cash register when we purchase goods and services because businesses will divert their toll costs onto the consumer. It’s common-sense.
In addition, toll roads are long-term debts that our children’s grandchildren will continue to pay.
Lastly, if you think toll roads are the panacea for all our roadway, traffic and pollution ills, you are grossly mistaken. Just look at the long-time toll roads in tolling meccas like CA, NY, FL, etc., and you will see that not only do they still have the same issues and problems, but new ones have been created directly due to the building and maintenance of toll roads and plazas.
Another issue is that of Eminent Domain. Thanks to lackluster laws created by lawmakers and their wealthy special interests, property owners will NOT be compensated properly for the taking of their land.
Obviously, there are MANY reasons NOT to approve toll roads throughout Texas, but the main reasons are that toll roads are NOT cost-effective and why should Texans provide wealthy special interests with more avenues for profiteering at our expense?
The special session starts Wednesday July 1st. Contact your state lawmakers and tell them you do NOT want toll roads and to vote AGAINST private toll road leases and any other pro-toll agendas.
Peter Stern

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