Rick Perry vs. the Cougars

I keep hearing from all of my smart, earnest political (boy) political consultant buddies that KBH will get beat by Rick Perry, so we don’t need to discuss THAT anymore and we all agree, right?
Well, not so fast. If the D Team can’t field a credible, authentic, exciting (read: has a chance in hell of winning and that ain’t you Shieffer) guber candidate, then the Democratic cougars of Texas are gonna rise up and make it their single purpose in life to beat the ever loving shit outta Governor Dumbass – and if that means holding their noses and voting in the R Primary to make that happen, then that’s what they are going to do.
We are gonna see an ABP moment – Anybody But PRick – and all of the liberal 40-something blond gals with the low cut t-shirts and high heels are going to pull the lever for Kay in March.
Somebody’s got to make sure we don’t have another four years of Veto Man. We either do a vote swarm cougar-style for KBH or the D (boy) consultants need to get us a good candidate for the top of the ticket.
Kirk Watson would do just fine. The coogs think he is cute. Or, someone convince Twittering Bill White to change his Facebook Fan Boy page to Bill White for Governor. Hell, he’s already won the Senate race because of his astounding number of Facebook and Twitter groupies, so surely he can win the Gov race also, no problem!
Otherwise, it’s Cougars For Kay.

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