Healthcare reform : No, I don’t think I’ll help you at all.

Blue Cross Blue Shield sent out an email asking people to contact their Rep in Congress and ask them to vote against the public option. Because they can’t compete with a well run government program. Send them an email by clicking here and let them know that you hate them more than you fear the bogeyman of a government run healthcare program.
Steve over at Who’s Playin’ graciously rewrote the letter…

Dear sucker, we very much like colluding with our “competitors” in Texas to bleed you dry for every last dollar you can possibly part with in exchange for our health insurance.
We’ve been doing this a long time, and we have it down to an art. If the government gets involved in competing with us, we won’t be able to keep jacking up your rates each year, even though you’re not getting any healthier. We’re scared they may do such a good job, that you and your employer will give us the finger.
Flatly put, we can’t stand real competition, so we would like to take the opportunity to simultaneously intimidate you and induce fear, uncertainty, and doubt to convince you that you really don’t want the reforms you thought you wanted. We would also like you to contact your Member of Congress so that they can go to town hall meetings this summer and claim that you already like your expensive health care plan.
Please ask your Represenative to vote for a plan that throws money at companies like ours to offer our same crappy product to everyone. (As long as this “everyone” only consists of healthy young single people with no children or pre-existing conditions, or a uterus.
Also, if there’s a way that we could wiggle out of those pesky state regulations that require us to cover conditions that our marketing people don’t know how to sell insurance for, we would like that too.
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