David Barton screws up history (again) and an URGENT SBOE appeal

For some insane reason, David Barton, the ethically questionable evangelical with a penchant for reinforcing his own beliefs with made up quotes, has done an evaluation on social studies curricula in Texas. Which Vince over at Capitol Annex neatly and thoroughly destroyed here and here.
The most troubling part of Barton’s evaluation was his concentration on the Declaration of Independence and his false assertion that it is the founding document of this country. In actuality, the Declaration separated 13 colonies from the rule of the British Crown. It did not establish the United States which would not happen for another 12 years until the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified. The government of the United States did not even begin functioning until March, 1789.
Further, he asserts incorrectly that moral law is the basis of law in the United States, a fallacy promoted by many evangelicals but thoroughly dismissed by the courts and the Constitution.
Please take moment to read Vince’s excellent work. And while you’re in the mood to click on links, go here and ask 39% NOT to appoint that moron Dunbar as chair of the SBOE.

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