Did Carnival give him this advice?

Apparently, last December an Ohio firefighter decided to take a cruise. The only thing holding him back were his two dogs which were going to cost a lot of money to board. What to do?

Columbus firefighter David P. Santuomo, 43, took Sloopy and Skeeter to his home’s basement, suspended them from a pipe near the ceiling and fired at least 11 shots from a .22-caliber rifle fitted with a homemade silencer, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron J. O’Brien said.

OK, so after the shock of his final solution wears off, you have to be asking yourself how the hell he got busted. If you already thought this asshole was scum, get ready…

Santuomo then wrapped the carcasses in plastic and dumped them in a trash bin behind Firehouse 27, where he worked, O’Brien said.

Miller said appalled fellow firefighters turned Santuomo in to authorities. “There were reports that he was bragging about this,” she said.

So, yeah, douchebag gets to pay a fine and spend 90 days in jail. His attorney had this to say about the story and the deadbeat (really, two Chapter 7 bankruptcies and one foreclosure?!??! This guy is a mortgage underwriters worst nightmare) whose actions created it…

“It, of course, was a heinous act, and it’s an act for which he’s sorry and has accepted responsibility,” Shamansky said of the dog killings. “He’s been punished appropriately, and I think it’s now time for the public to practice what they preach and show a little forgiveness and mercy. Maybe that might be a novel approach.”

Yeah, I think the only 90 days in jail is about all the forgiveness and mercy we in society can muster at this point. Let’s be real here for a second… all he had to do is take the dogs down to the humane society and at least give them a shot at adoption.

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