Quitter Sarah Palin is Hustling $$$$ for the 2012 Presidential Election

Palin PAC is Trying to Build a War Chest
by Peter Stern
With more than 3 years to go it seems not too early to start collecting money for the 2012 Presidential Election, but what Americans want a quitter to run for President? Apparently, many still do. Palin is an ongoing mistake at best.
Palin simply quit halfway through her term as Governor of Alaska, letting down the people of the largest American state. Perhaps her conservative followers believe God told her to do it? Or, maybe she is hearing and listening to voices no one else can hear?
Basically, Palin quit in order to raise contributions for her questionable run for President in 2012. Her Palin PAC has announced it has raised $732,867 in the first half of 2009. If you care to sign up for a moron, you can visit HERE.
Apparently the National GOP has not learned its lesson. Having Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee is a self-fulfilling prophecy of failing.
Neither Republicans or Democrats sincerely want to do what is best for the American community. The poor quality of candidates highlights that fact.
Most hardworking Americans are now hardly-working Americans thanks to the 2-party rule that cares only for wealthy special interests who continue to purchase the best government money can buy. The majority of Americans don’t matter any more.
In a short time the economic chaos will throw more families into the streets without jobs, homes or cars. The firing of police and firefighters will increase the economic decay until some sort of anarchy will prevail. What other alternative is there if our own government refuses to provide stimulus money directly to the majority? There is no money, no jobs, no more unemployment for millions who already have had benefits extended twice, more foreclosures and more debt.
No doubt if the government continues to ignore a more direct monetary process to the people, along with new jobs, anarchy and civil disobedience will emerge.

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