Oh, this is just shocking. No. Really, it’s very surprising.

According to research, more than a third of all pay in the United States goes exclusively to executives and certain highly paid managers. As a shareholder who’s been bled dry by overpaid and incompetent management teams for years, this came as a huge shock.
How to fix? Easy. Implement an 80% tax on the salaries of executives and management at any company that pays those people more than 10 times what the lowest paid worker makes. And apply it to contractors as well.
Oh, and you should probably give tax breaks to those companies whose lowest paid employees make more than 2 times the regional poverty level.
The bottom line is that as a shareholder I am enriching a largely worthless managerial class that does nothing for me and who are impoverishing the working and middle classes who are the backbone of a strong economy. The same people who create the underlying foundation for the success of the companies in which I have a stake. Needless to say, the best way for me to maximize earnings is to cap management and executive salaries and increase worker salaries.
It’s better for overall economic growth and the success of the country. Not to mention that better paid workers are more productive workers. And make me more money.

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