Around Texas : Toll increases; AMPO changes; Killer changes the rules and more

  • EOW caught NTTA’s massive toll increase. Apparently, because of the economy, fewer people are driving on the tollways in North Texas. So they increased the tolls, ensuring that even fewer people will drive on the tollways. Good thinking, y’all!
  • Terri Hall has a great write up on changes at the Alamo Metro Planning Organization. Finally, someone interested in making good transportation choices is the chair. We look forward to the changes he’ll bring to transportation in San Antonio!
  • OMG, could Killer Keller get any more ridiculous?
    Just so we’re clear-the spoiled little princess who thinks the state should pay for her attorneys (despite not having reported all her real estate holdings), and who effectively killed a man because his appeal couldn’t get filed before 5 p.m. on the day he was to be executed is concerned that she might be judged in a possibly “arbitrary” way.
  • The Coxuckers have decided to pull the Statesman off the market. This is, of course, disappointing to the Mayor, Barfly, Krispy Kreme, Spamburglar and myself as we had been patiently awaiting the the decision on our offer, which we sweetened in June with the addition of a cherry nut bread loaf from the Czech Stop in West, a half eaten bag of Craisans (thank YOU, Krispy Kreme!) and a shopping spree at Costco on my check card.
  • Shorter Ben Wear… The 290 tollway is going to be smaller than expected. It’s also going to be way more expensive, all but guaranteeing that few will use it. CTRMA’s Mike Heiligenstein thinks it’ll all fine.
    Gee, the tollways just seem better and better all the time, don’t they?!
  • Havagoodun!

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