Why do we even care about Joe Lieberman?

Sen. Lieberman is once again fulfilling his role as douchbag of the Congress.

Joe Lieberman’s love of spending hundreds of billions on freedom through explosions knows no bounds. There are no limits to how much Lieberman would ask the American tax-payer over generations to pay for his beloved wars. If Obama, for some reason, called Joe up some evening and asked him to vote for $100 billion so as to bomb Tehran he’d have the supportive Op-Ed in Fred Hiatt’s hands by the next morning.
But when it comes to providing policies that actually benefit Americans, in America of all places, like health care; no matter how small the relative price, it is too much for Senator “He’s with us on everything except the War” (thanks Harry Reid).

We still care about this jackass because Sen Reid, our inestimably valueless Majority Leader, decided to leave him with his power intact. Despite the fact that he campaigned against the nominee of the party with which he caucuses.
Even after the country vomited President Bush out of DC and back to Texas, we still have to deal with his enablers? No. Not so much.

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