Asking the poor to foot the bill…

A few well meaning people have a problem with Austin Energy’s plan to implement a climate change plan because it will increase prices for low income customers. Rep. Rodriguez has a very well written (and well thought out) smackdown.
What will the poor do down the road if we don’t implement these changes and start spending money to delevop new technologies? We are already at Hubbert’s Peak in terms of global oil production. That means that all that recently discovered natgas and all the coal we still have is going to have to increasingly be used for transportation needs. Which means that one way or another, energy prices are about to go up for everyone.
In the long run, adjusting for climate change and helping people during the transition is the safer, saner bet. And at the end of it will still be able to breathe!

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2 Responses to Asking the poor to foot the bill…

  1. TXsharon says:

    Ahm, switching to natural gas won’t make it easier to breathe. In fact, it will only make things worse unless we put some serious regulation in place.
    Watch this video:

  2. mcblogger says:

    Sharon, I’m not advocating for it, I’m saying that’s what will happen and all fossil fuels will get a lot more expensive.