It’s worth noting…

As a follow up to the Mayor’s piece this AM, I’d like to take a little time to spill some reality on the speculation and innuendo. The TTC is a really minor part of Hank Gilbert’s campaign. Actually, it was even in 2006. The broader issues are eminent domain abuse and infrastructure privatization, two VERY important issues in Texas. TTC was merely the most glaringly offensive symbol of both.
Maybe the Mayor doesn’t give a crap about being on the hook for billions to a private company as a taxpayer in this state. But many of us do.
Hank cofounded TURF which now has almost 300,000 members and working with ASL has managed to delay or fully stop a lot of bad public policy. Keep in mind, EVERY Democrat and more than a few Republicans voted to do exactly what TURF had been lobbying them to do during the last legislative session. People in Washington talk about bipartisanship and accomplish nothing while Hank is actually doing something, with those on the opposite side of the political spectrum, to stop a mountain of bad policy. And McSleaze wants to compare THAT with Rick Perry leading some sort of secessionist chant at a teabagger party? Sorry if I don’t draw the connection… I haven’t had my daily cup ‘o crazy.
The Mayor would rather make this all about some guilt-by-association thing, as if working with Republicans to accomplish something worthwhile were anything other than an unalloyed good thing. It would be great if Democrats acting alone could accomplish everything. I for one am proud to support someone smart enough to build a coalition to actually do something other than bitch and moan or, like the other candidates in the Democratic primary, ignore the issue altogether.

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