Why not make it GIANT?

We at McBlogger know how hard it can be to show love to friends and family, especially children. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like giving hugs or kisses. We know how difficult it can be, after a long hard day, to suck it up and read that same damn story to the kids. Twice. It sometimes feels like you need some space, right? After all, isn’t raising your children the reason you have au pair?!?
What better way to make up for treating the kids like dirt than to make them a GIANT ASS CUPCAKE? Kids, after all, LOVE cupcakes (who doesn’t?) and making them a really big one will allow you to gloss over your feelings of guilt and help you put off that painful realization that yeah, you kinda suck as a parent. Plus, the kids at school will be hella jealous of your little tyke when they are confronted with the awesomeness that is this…
And you can even, with a handy insert which the folks who make this were thoughtful enough to include, fill these mounds of deliciousness with pudding! Or chocolate! Or ice cream!
Let’s be honest… a small cupcake only tells your kids you kinda like them. A cupcake 25 TIMES that size tells them you love them bunches and bunches! It’s also educational since it’s never too early to teach your little ones to eat their emotions! Finally, Giant Ass Cupcake also tells them you’re cool with them getting fat and excited that they’ll soon be able to experience the fun of juvenile diabetes!

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