Guest Post : Hank Gilbert on LGBT policy

Last Wednesday night in Houston, I did something that no statewide candidate in Texas history has ever done: I released a comprehensive policy statement on issues of importance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
In front of a packed house at a meeting of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, I outlined my plan to repeal the Texas Defense of Marriage Act and all statutory and constitutional barriers to equality for LGBT citizens, as well as ending discrimination in hiring and employment, public accommodations and real estate transactions, insurance, and more.
After The Advocate took note of this policy release, a Texas reader in their comment section said he though, with a policy like that, I don’t stand “a snowball’s chance
in hell,” of winning this election because of the reputation Texas has under Rick Perry.
But you and I know different.
You and I know that Texas has come a long way since 2005 when bigotry and hate were written into our state constitution in a low turnout, low information election. By and large, Texans recognize GLBT citizens deserve these rights and recognize that the discrimination our state shows to this group of individuals is inappropriate. America’s most successful Fortune 500 companies provide domestic partner benefits to their employees yet Texas’ universities do not. You see what is wrong with that picture and so do many others. They may not be as vocal as the rightwing Perry/Palin echo chamber, but they recognize this as an inequality.
You and I know that, when the time comes again (and it will when I am governor) to right the injustices done to LGBT citizens in Texas, that Texans will step up to the plate. So, I’m going to ask you to do two things
for me: go to Facebook and join the group “I Stand with Hank on LGBT Issues.” When you get done there, head over to my website and add your name to
the rapidly growing list of Texans who support this policy.
While you are there, you can sign up for my mailing list to keep up to date with my campaign. And, if you have a few bucks to spare during the Rick Perry Recession, campaign contributions through Act Blue are always welcome.

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