Please, 39%, stop embarassing us!!

Granted, no one reads the Washington Times except Moonies and really, really stupid, but it’s still a publication that gets cached on the web and simple searches reveal, once again, our Governor fully out of his depth

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday compared President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, just months after being elected, to a freshman winning college football’s Heisman Trophy.
“It raised a few eyebrows,” said Mr. Perry, a Republican facing reelection. “And we’ll just leave it at that.”
Mr. Perry said Mr. Obama was elected in November amid great enthusiasm, but his efforts to reform U.S. health-care and limit carbon emissions have failed and are too costly.
“He is an amazingly popular president,” he said onThe Washington Times’ “America’s Morning News” radio show.”Most Americans, whether they agreed politically, were proud to elect an African American. But hope and change is all over with. Now we have to look at the policy.”
Mr. Perrysaid passing the health-care reform legislation now on Capitol Hill “would bedevastating” in terms of consumer costs, limiting access to care and dissuading young people from becoming doctors.
“I think you’re going to see a deterioration in medicine,” he said.
Mr. Perry said U.S. cap-and-trade legislation on carbon emissions in based on “shoddy if not fraudulent evidence” that will cost the average Texas family $1,100 to $1,200 more a year.
“It means nothing more than higher costs for energy and losing jobs,” he said.

Will these people never get over the 2008 election? I mean, even the most die-hard liberal is over Bush, but these people are going to be bitching about President Obama well into the 22nd century. You’ll also notice that his typical bullshit negative arguments have changed recently… he’s dropped the shit about the ‘debt increases’ and ‘the failed stimulus’. Two reasons… 1) George Bush and Perry’s fellow Republicans increased the debt far more than the Democrats and 2) The stimulus is finally arresting job losses and we’re on a major upswing as confidence returns and the financial system returns to normal.
Now it’s all about health care (he’s lying here, by the way… a publicly run insurer will do nothing but hurt private insurance companies that are some of Perry’s biggest contributors and whom have been squeezing Texans for decades) and Cap and Trade, about which he’s also lying.

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