Rambo Catholics

These people are so itching for a fight. Schism they want, schism they’ll get. The full article
Even though there has been a realignment of religious groups in fighting the cultural war on economic issues rather than social ones, the old school is still trying hard to ratchet up the past battles. From the article.

Last spring, (conservative Christian thinker Robert) George was invited to address an audience that included many bishops at a conference in Washington. He told them with typical bluntness that they should stop talking so much about the many policy issues they have taken up in the name of social justice. They should concentrate their authority on “the moral social” issues like abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and same-sex marriage, where, he argued, the natural law and Gospel principles were clear. To be sure, he said, he had no objections to bishops’ “making utter nuisances of themselves” about poverty and injustice, like the Old Testament prophets, as long as they did not advocate specific remedies. They should stop lobbying for detailed economic policies like progressive tax rates, higher minimum wage and, presumably, the expansion of health care — “matters of public policy upon which Gospel principles by themselves do not resolve differences of opinion among reasonable and well-informed people of good will,” as George put it.

A few months later, in a July 17 letter to Congress, the bishops did something close to that in the health care debate. Setting aside decades of calls for universal coverage, the bishops pledged to fight any bill that failed to block the use of federal subsidies for insurance covering abortion. “Stalin famously asked, ‘How many divisions has the pope?’ ” George wrote to me in an e-mail message after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed a vote on an amendment that satisfied the bishops’ demands. “I guess Pelosi now knows.”

When a conservative brings up natural law in a debate, you know you’ve won because the laws are interpretive values, and not time-honored virtues. This is reinforced when George advocates “new” natural law.
No one has to look any further than world history to know that the “everything is relative” philosophy attached to secularist, has been nurtured for centuries by religion, especially Christianity.
Locally, the bishop-less Austin Catholic Diocese is being influenced by these people, and the push is being made to bring in a new bishop that adheres to the new natural law. It is up to progressive Catholics in the diocese to make their voices heard. The diocese can expect a bishop who will decrease social justice activity, and use the excuse of increasing spirituality to defend this decision.

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